We pushed our selves harder so you can ride further, faster! 

Go harder. Go faster. Go beyond with the Krypton GF. Built to be light, yet able to handle rugged roads – it’s engineered to be nimble, fast, and very reactive. This is the bike for those that want to get out there and ride their heart out on a high performance bike that doesn’t compromise on comfort.


“ We used our extensive knowledge of race bike geometry to craft an innovative mold specifically for this Krypton line. The new layout offers a stable and comfortable ride with a relaxed rider position while keeping true to our performance heritage. From tube shapes to carbon lay-ups, both frame and fork were designed and optimized for better vibration absorption, aerodynamics, and pedaling efficiency, guaranteeing performance and comfort. ”

Meer informatie over de Krypton GF? Neem dan contact op met Tony 0654 316 821


Geopend dinsdag t/m zaterdag op afspraak

’t Zand 46D

3454PB  De Meern

Tony Roeland

+31654 316 821

(Naast Eet- en drinklokaal Rare Jongens)


Routebeschrijving: neem de afslag met de wachttoren op ’t Zand. Aan het einde van de straat linksaf. Direct na Rare Jongens nogmaals linksaf de oprit inrijden. Rechtsaf langs het gebouw. Er is voldoende parkeerruimte. Of bekijk GoogleMaps

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